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Just a little nostalgia for the Zero kids (00’s) (born in later 90’s)

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  • The Coming of the Avengers by Eric Powell
  • Captain America Found by Darick Robertson
  • The Kree-Skrull War by Mike Mayhew
  • The Wedding of Scarlet Witch & the Vision by David Mack
  • The Korvac Saga by Gary Frank
  • Mar-Vell vs. Thanos by Michael Avon Oeming
  • Avengers Under Siege by Jim Cheung
  • Avengers vs. Ultron by Steve McNiven
  • The Avengers by George Perez


Day Six of KH Week!

September 19th: Favorite Trio of the Series

Destiny Island Trio. Hands down. They have gone through so much together and they were able to keep each other strong in it all. They kept sacrificing for their friends left and right, all in hopes of being together once again.

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Kingdom Hearts Appreciation Week Day Six
      ❥ Favorite trio of the series

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sora (ソラ) ― s k y; a bright and spirited hero of light 

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Iron Mash! Series - Iron Man & Others Crossover

By Kode Logic | [Full Gallery]

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